Search Engine Theory, Instructor, Spring 2008
This course was taught from a machine learning perspective using a variety of resources and recent papers along with a series of homeworks and projects implementing the significant parts of a search engine.

Algorithms in Bioinformatics, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2007
Numerical Methods, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2007
Introduction to Bioinformatics, Teaching Assistant, Fa 2008, Fa/Spr 2007, Spr 2006
Introduction to Algorithm Design II, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2006
Introduction to Algorithm Design I, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2006

As a teaching assistant I gave lectures and review sessions; developed homeworks, labs, and programs, held office hours, and maintained course website.


Introduction to BINF Book Cover
Bioinformatics is the application of computational techniques and tools to analyze and manage biological data. This book provides an Introduction to Bioinformatics through the use of Action Labs. These labs allow students to get experience using real data and tools to solve difficult problems. The book comes with supplementary powerpoints, papers, and tools. The labs use data from Breast Cancer, Liver Disease, Diabetes, SARS, HIV, Extinct Organisms, and many others. The book has been written for first or second year computer science, mathematics, and biology students. The book is published by the Digital University Press. [pdf version] (5.22 MB)